About Paradise Ridge

The farm Paradise was bought in 1946 by Max Muskat for a mere 1 200 (Today it is valued at approximately R30m). It covers 40 hectares and for the most part it was unused until Max’s son, Jacques, saw an opportunity to develop some of the land and moved there in 1990. He took it upon himself to take out 15 hectares of pine trees.

After the removal of the trees the tracks leading to the previously pine tree covered land were connected with some more tracks and a exciting 4X4 track was established. The 4x4 tracks have served the 4x4 community for over 25 years in which time Paradise Ridge has become famous for its challenging routes.

As the popularity of Paradise Ridge grew, Paragliders from all around the world came to launch from the site as it provided the perfect launch pad from different wind directions. A Lapa and ablutions was added and now Paradise Ridge is a favourite spot for adventure loving seekers in the Wilderness / Sedfield area along the Garden Route.

The Land
The land offers a variety of plant species (mostly fynbos), different kinds of trees of which most are evergreen, a diverse variety of bird species (among these are the Fish Eagle, Kingfishers and Knysna Loerie), & various animals & bucks that roam the land freely making it the perfect place for bird watching, camping, & hiking. A short walk down the ridge will get you to the beach, which is great for fishing enthusiasts. From July to December you can watch the whales play just offshore whilst dolphin sightings are common all year round.

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